Metatron Discovery

Metatron Discovery gives your business the power to fly.


Metatron is a solution that helps companies more easily prepare and refine big data and develop/commercialize AI-based technologies. Metatron is being widely used by about 10 domestic and foreign companies, including SK telecom’s communication infrastructure management, T-map data platform, and SK Hynix’s industrial solutions, as well as IBK and Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel.

By utilizing’Metatron Discovery', which combines big data, machine learning, and data visualization technologies, it is possible to improve work efficiency by monitoring large amounts of data in companies or industries in real time or applying various advanced analytics. It is possible to analyze data tailored to the needs of customers, so that productivity and work stability can be improved, and processes can be monitored in real time based on manufacturing site data. In particular, a drag-and-drop UX such as PowerPoint is provided so that not only professional analysts but also general office workers can easily explore data in hundreds of gigabytes (GB) and draw charts.

In order to contribute to the shared growth of developers and the development of the IoT industry, SK telecom has released some of its big data analysis solution “Metatron” as open source.

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